Ethiopian Opal Antler Necklace


925 Sterling Silver Necklace

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Round Ethiopian Opal set in Sterling Silver Deer Antler Design

Chain – 45 cm (2mm)

Stone – 6 x 6 mm

  • Like a crown the Antlers grow up beyond the body thus symbolizing a closer connection to the Devine. The Antlers shed and regrow symbolizing renewal, regeneration and rebirth, helping us to remember that we are able to restart and regenerate any aspect of ourselves or our lives.


  • Opal with its play of colours and light is considered a magical stone.
  • Opal is related to the personality and promotes loyalty and trust.
  • Symbolizes Magic, Love, Progress, Hope, Loyalty and Happiness.
  • Opal will raise your creativity and lighten up your creative spirit.
  • Enhance personal power and enhance self-esteem.
  • Promotes healing from bad experiences and assist in the releasing of bad memories.
  • Opal will attract Money, Wealth and Abundance.


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